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Secwins builds secure digital twins to aid businesses in performance optimization by providing them with a consolidated view and analysis of their data.



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Secwins is a seed stage startup that was founded by two Syracuse University students with a passion for data science and cybersecurity.


Founders Abdullah Naimzadeh and Catherine Forrest met while working as researchers on an Internet Society Foundation funded project with the goal of deploying internet connection to rural communities in Central America for disaster relief. During this project, they experienced the complexities of data gathering, management, and security across various siloed systems.

CEO, Catherine Forrest, at this time was also engaging in undergraduate funded research on creating and securing a digital twin of a mobile covid testing lab. 

These dual efforts inspired Abdullah and Catherine to join forces and pursue Secwins, LLC. Their vision is in delivering the ideal digital twin platform, giving customers new perspectives, insights, and initiatives to improve and secure their existing systems and processes.


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